Making a Difference

The Scott County Humane Society's spay/neuter program began in early 2008. As with any program, it is a work in progress and takes time to begin to see results in the community. We wanted to use this page to thank everyone who has spayed or neutered his or her pet as well as thank the community for its support.


This program averages over 300 spays or neuters a year!  A yearly breakdown is listed below:

2008: 264

2009: 232

2010: 365

2011: 373

2012: 381

2013: 377


With the program continuing in 2014, over 2000 animals have been spayed or neutered through Scott County Humane Society's partnership with the Margaret B. Mitchell Spay/Neuter Clinic!


This is a terrific step in the right direction for Scott County!