What to Expect on Surgery Day and After Print

Prior to Surgery:

  • Animals must be in good health and not overweight. If your pet is showing any signs of illness such as coughing, sneezing, runny eyes, or diarrhea it will be declined for surgery. Dogs in heat will also be declined.
  • Do not give your pet food after midnight the night before surgery, a little water is okay. Please make sure that your pet is kept confined (or inside) to ensure that it DOES NOT EAT ANYTHING!

On Surgery Day:

  • If your dog or cat has a current rabies vaccination, you must bring the rabies certificate. A rabies vaccine is required at the time of surgery if the animal is not current or lacks proof that he or she has been vaccinated.
  • Your scheduled animal will be picked up by the Margaret B. Mitchell Clinic by their transport van at 6:30am at the storage facility/car wash parking lot beside Big Break #2.
  • All animals must be transported in an appropriately sized hard sided plastic carrier such as one of these. You will need to provide a carrier for transport OR make arrangements with our Coordinator to use one of SCHS's carriers.
    • 2 cats may be placed in a carrier together as long as they get along.
    • Only 1 dog may be placed per carrier.
    • Wire crates may not be used.
    • Please do not send any food, water or bedding in the carrier.
  • Payment is expected at time of drop-off and cash or check is accepted. Please make checks out to Scott County Humane Society.

Pickup After Surgery:

  • Your pet will be returned to the storage facility/car wash parking lot beside Big Break #2 by the Margaret B. Mitchell Clinic transport van at 12:00pm the day after surgery.
  • Any special needs for your pet will be written on the 'go home sheet' and discussed with you by the transport driver and/or our coordinator.
  • If your pet received any vaccines they will be marked on the 'go home sheet' with rabies tag & certificate attached.
  • Any differences in charges due to services that could not be performed or extra services will be discussed with you by our coordinator. Examples include:
    • Some animals may receive an E-collar to deter them from licking and chewing stitches.
    • Some animals may be sent home with additional medications (such as antibiotics) as necessary.

Following Surgery:

  • Do not change your pet's diet during recovery time.
  • Your pet may be sluggish for the next 24 hrs.
  • Check the incision twice a day for redness, swelling, or discharge; if you find any please contact the Clinic at 276-591-5790.
  • Restrict your pet's activity 7-10 days, no running, jumping, or bathing. Keep your pet in a clean, dry environment during this time.
  • There are stitches under the skin that do not need to be removed. In addition, there is a bluish green, water-soluble tissue glue that will come off with time.
  • Please call the Clinic at 276-591-5790 if you have any questions or concerns about your pet that is related to the surgery.
  • If you have an emergency after hours please contact your regular vet and/or call the Airport Emergency Clinic at 423-279-0574.