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Periodically we publish Pawprints, The Newsletter of the Scott County Humane Society. It is our aim to use this as an avenue to update the public on things the humane society is involved in, as well as animals as a whole.


The January 2015 special issue of our newsletter covers the events of the December 3rd fire while destroyed the Scott County Dog Pound.  Your support is needed to help us assist the county rebuild and provide needed services for animals in Scott County!  Read more at .


The Spring 2013 issue of our newsletter covers the tale of some Chihuahuas taking to the skies and Zoey the singing dog!  Read about them at Spring 2013 Newsletter.pdf .


The Fall 2012 issue of our newsletter covers a number of adoption success stories!  Read all about it at Fall 2012 Newsletter.pdf .


The Fall 2011 issue of our newsletter covers our summer events and more!  Read all about it at Fall 2011 Newsletter.pdf .


The Fall 2010 issue of our newsletter covers the story of an escape, followed by a great rescue!  Read all about it at Fall 2010 Newsletter.pdf .


Please check out our Winter 2009-2010 issue to check out information about our spay/neuter program, some of our adoptions and more!  The full newsletter is available at Winter 2009 Newsletter.pdf .


Our Winter 2008 issue highlights some of the year's successful adoptions including the stories of Lucy and her puppies (a Kingsport Times-News feature article!) as well as how Hobo became Hobi. Please have a look at the full newsletter available online at Winter 2008 Newsletter.pdf.


Our Spring 2008 issue contains information on our tax exempt status, how we were able to help in the care of dogs in a Ft. Blackmore animal cruelty case, as well as some invaluable information on how to be prepared for your pets in the event of a disaster. Please have a look at the full newsletter, available online at Spring 2008 Newsletter.pdf.


Our newsletters are published in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here if you need to download it.