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Special Thanks
Family Bakery

For over a year, the Family Bakery has kindly allowed us to host our monthly member meeting at the restaurant when they are closed for baking.  This has been great for us because of its inviting atmosphere, not to mention the sweets available!  While you can visit their web site at, I would recommend stopping by 101 E. Jackson St in Gate City and having one of the cupcakes to see what they are all about!  Thanks Roberts family!

Weber City Recycling

Weber City Recycling is a strong supporter of the Scott County Humane Society's aluminum recycling program.  They are concerned about the animal overpopulation in the county and should be praised for donating their time and business to assist with the spay & neuter fund by accepting recyclable metals.  Give them a call at 276-415-1986.

Southern Graphics
Gate City's own Southern Graphics has been a terrific supporter of the Scott County Humane Society, helping with our printing needs since the beginning. Next time you need some printing work done, give them a call at (276)386-9551! A special thanks goes to Kim for her work in getting our Humane Society up and going as well as ongoing support!
Tractor Supply Company

A few times a year Tractor Supply Company in Kingsport, TN hosts a Pet Celebration event for its customers. During this event, discounts are usually available on select pet items and animal rescue groups are invited to be on site to meet pet owners. Thank you for having us at your recent events!  Additionally, Tractor Supply has made dog and cat food donations many times!

Food City

Food City's Weber City, VA store has been great to work with us over the years. In the past they allowed us to use their parking lot for our Margaret B. Mitchell Spay/Neuter Clinic van pickups and dropoffs as well as have let us set up a few craft fairs at the store.  During the Christmas 2010 season they held a pet food drive and donated several hundred pounds of dog and cat food!  Thank you Food City!


Beginning in August 2008, we began holding adoption events at PetSmart's Bristol, VA location. This was a wonderful opportunity for us as we got to find forever homes for our animals and gain public exposure! A special thanks goes to George, Greg and all of the PetSmart staff!  Due to the distance between us and the Bristol, VA store, we were unable to keep holding adoption events there, but occasionally are at the Kingsport, TN store.  A big thank you to PetSmart for all they do for us and other recue organizations!

Sam's Club of Johnson City

The Sam's Club of Johnson City, TN has donated pet food and supplies a number of times over the years. These supplies go a long way in providing care for our foster animals and your assistance means a lot to us! A special thanks to Anna and Shane for helping us get this setup!

Pals of Gate City
Pal's has been kind enough to advertise our organization and web site on their sign at the Gate City, VA location. Stop by and buy a sweet tea to thank them!
Dungannon Development Commision
The Dungannon Development Commision, Inc. has decided to help other non-profits in Scott County in 2008 by hosting 4 Causes in 4 Quarters. With this endeavor, the office staff has chosen 4 days, one every 3 months, to donate the earnings from the Dungannon Thrift Store and the Mountain Treasures Thrift Store to another cause for that quarter. The Scott County Humane Society is honored to have been chosen to receive the procedes from the sales on September 24th, 2008.
Action Athletics for Apparel
Action Athletics of Kingsport, TN has printed our newly available T-Shirts. Please visit them for team and corporate wear shirts and uniforms as well as athletic equipment!
Google for Email and Apps Hosting
Google Apps free communication, collaboration and publishing tools, and email accounts allow us to share information and ideas more easily. Special thanks to Google to donating these services to registered non-profits.
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